Pulchri Studio 2021

Jan Radersma & Marieta Reijerkerk - Unheard silence

Jan Radersma and Marieta Reijerkerk are two artists who have been members of Pulchri Studio for a long time. They have also been artist friends for over 30 years. Over the years they have exhibited together with this time the title ’Unheard silence’. For a long time they searched for what sums up their work at this point in the journey.

Van 30th of October 2021 t/m 28th of November 2021

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World Art Delft 2021

Ode to the Landscape

On July 4, the Land Art Delft foundation opens the exhibition 'Ode to the Landscape' in the sculpture park.
Ten artists pay tribute to the Dutch landscape. They tell the story and give meaning, but mainly portray the landscape.

Participating artists in 'Ode to the Landscape': Theo Jansen, Harry Schumacher, Anton Vrede, Lon Buttsteds / Gert Strengholt, Roel Teeuwen, Marieta Rijerkerk, Helen Vergouwen, Marcel van Zijp, Paula Kouwenhoven

Datum: 4th of july 2021 15:00

Pulchri 2020

In this joint exhibition Marieta Reijerkerk and Jos van den Berg share their China experiences.

Marieta Reijerkerk has always been interested in Eastern cultures and their ancient histories. She and her husband Christan Müller explored China for many months. Her collages are based on photos, street finds and fragments of paper. Bleached Wood and rusted iron form the core of her installations.

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World Art Delft 2018

14 artists have been commissioned to paint different days of the week or a special day, a project by Jan Radersma inspired by Gerard-Jan de Luij cassette "the drawn days" (2004).

Participating artists: Harri Aarts, Jeroen Bechtold, Marieta Reijerkerk, Wia Bouma, Arno Udo, Marten Groen, Claudia van der Linde, Ria Franc, Dodog Soeseno, Jan Radersma, Jan van der Putten, Maarten Ketelaars, Jan van den Dungen and Janneke Hillenaar.

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Solo exhibition 2016